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VANITY PLANET LEDA Red Acne Fighting LED Sonic Facial Brush

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Model: VP59387-0000

Power up your cleansing routine with the acne-combatting benefits from LED blue-light therapy. The safe and effective LEDA Blue Acne Fighting LED Sonic Facial Brush cleanses sensitive, blemish-prone skin with gentle, sonic-powered antibacterial silicone bristles while waving buh-bye to blemishes using blue LEDs.

Product Features:
Professional LED light therapy at home
FDA-approved LED blue light therapy for acne
3 Customizable sonic brush modes
Antibacterial silicone
Soft, deep-cleansing massage
Removes pore-clogging impurities
Kills blemish-causing bacteria without harmful side effects
Gentle for sensitive skin and mild-to-moderate acne
Safe and effective for all skin types

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