Franklin Super Soft Spike Volleyball

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Model: 5847

In the court or on the sand, the soft touch volleyball handles every bump, set and spike with its durable construction and responsive touch. The soft cushioned super soft spike volleyball designed for recreational play indoors & outdoors. Each ball is made from high quality, durable cushioned PVC, precision stitched to minimize sting on players arms and will hold shape during the rigors of training and play. The soft touch technology offers a softer feel and is an ideal choice. The colorful graphics are designed to enhance your in-air judgment Enhancing your performance.

Product Details:
Dominate the beach with this Super soft, synthetic leather cushioned sponge cover
Precision stitched for consistent shape and performance
Raised seams provide greater Directional control in outdoor elements
Graphics designed to provide excellent in-air contact to targets
Official size and weight

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