SPORTMiX Wholesomes Tank's Jerky Strips - 25 oz.

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UPC Code: 034846727029

With just whiff of Earthborn Holistic Wholesomes Tank's Jerky Sticks Grain-Free Dog Treats and your canine companion will come running to indulge in the mouthwatering smoky aroma. Farm-raised beef sourced from the United States and egg proteins combine in a chewable stick, treating your furry friend to the energy boost he needs for all his daily adventures. US farm-grown veggies are rich in fiber and nutrients so your canine companion’s muscles grow strong and lean! The recipe is free of both gluten and grain and is designed in the tender consistency your best bud paw-sitively dreams of.

Product Details:
Free of grain and gluten, making these jerky sticks paw-fect for your pal with a sensitive tummy.
Packed with the red meat and egg proteins your pal’s natural instincts crave.
Featuring nutrient- and fiber-rich wholesome veggies that were grown on US farms.
Prepared in the USA at family-owned kitchens, because home-cooked just tastes better!
An abundance of proteins provides your pal with the energy needed for tons of adventures.

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