Tommie Copper Core Znergy 11" Copper Infused Hybrid Firm Mattress - Twin

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Copper Znergy Mattresses provide support, relief and recovery while you sleep.
Find your ideal Tommie Copper mattress for support, relief, and recovery while you sleep.

Copper Znergy Technology
Copper Znergy fabric technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes on your sleep surface. This innovative technology is 100% infused into mattress cover, providing permanent anti-odor benefits.
The patented Copper Znergy technology is a premium, environmentally-friendly anti-odor technology that fuses the natural benefits of copper and zinc to enhance the performance of Tommie Copper's fabric.
Copper Znergy technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes on the fabric for permanent anti-odor benefits that won't wash out.

Experts In Living Well
When it comes to providing you with round-the-clock support and relief Tommie Copper mattresses have the night shift covered.
With four unique constructions to choose from Tommie Copper's comprehensive line of mattresses makes it easy to find the right support for your specific sleep needs.
Finally, the support you need to sleep through the night with less tossing and turning, and more comfort.
The Core Znergy Sleep System mattress is loaded with innovative features that provide the perfect balance of support, pressure relief, and temperature regulation that make it easier to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed.

Product Details:
Cushion Firm Feel
Rejuvenating Copper Memory Foam with Cooling Gel
Pressure Relieving Elate Foam
Zoned Quantum Edge Wrapped Coil
10 Year Non-Prorated Warranty

Features and Benefits:
Copper Znergy infused cover for permanent anti-odor benefits
Adaptive Support Technology ensures ideal alignment and comfort
1" layer of Cooling Gel Foam enhances heat dissipation
1" Elate Copper Infused Foam is anti-odor and thermal regulating
5" Compression Support Coils system reduces motion transfer
1" support layer for use on any box spring or foundation

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