Wahl Mens Clipper T-Pro Corded Trimmer

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Model: 9307-030

Clean up and go with ease using the Wahl Clipper T-Pro Corded Trimmer Model 9307-300. This tool offers a wide range of capabilities, including outlining, detailing and fading. It also has a compact size that makes it convenient to operate with just one hand or to take along and use while on the go. With the Wahl 9307-300, you can expect a bump-free shave that delivers a clean finish similar to how a pro at the barber would do it. Its diamond-finished T-blade is also self-sharpening. This trimmer comes in a stylish red and black color.

Product Details:
Corded barbershop power and powerful rotary motor
High 'n tight, fades and ultra-close cuts along with blending guides
Self-sharpening diamond-finished T-blade
Compact sized multi-purpose trimmer for easy use
Bump prevent technology
English/Spanish instructions/styling guide

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