whitmor Household Slim Cart - 3 Tier

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The Whitmor 3-Tier Slim Household Cart in White is a fine combination of style and functionality.
Slip it between the washer and dryer or in a narrow bathroom.
This utility cart is ideal for organizing your towels, washing powders and other household goods.
This means you can stay efficient in your daily and nightly routines.
The Whitmor cart features 3 shelves, providing a large amount of space to store the items you need.
Each shelf has raised edges to keep things stored on them in place.
This piece has a unique style that will enable it to blend easily with your home decor.
The 3-tier cart features four wheels on the base that allow it to move from one place to another easily, making it a suitable option in many rooms where it might be needed.
Manufactured of durable epoxy coated steel, the Whitmor 3-Tier Slim Household Cart is sturdy and long lasting.

Product Details:
Durable white epoxy coated metal frame.
Includes 4 wheels for easy transport,.
Fits between washer/dryer units or smaller areas throughout home.
3-tier cart combines stylish look with functionality.
Ideal for organizing towels, washing powders and other household goods.
Large shelf space.
Unique style enables it to blend in easily with home decor.
Stay efficient and organized in daily and nightly routines.

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