Shark Ion Robot 720 Vacuum with Remote

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Model: RV720

Product Details:
Dust bin capacity - 0.45 quarts. The Shark ION Robot brings the ease of automatic cleaning to everyday upkeep.
Smart sensors assess their surroundings on all floors and carpets, adapt to obstacles, and help the robot seamlessly navigate.
Self-cleaning brush roll removes hair, dust, and dander to prevent everyday buildup.
Dual side brushes effectively remove dust and debris in hard-to-reach areas like edges, corners, and under furniture.
An easy-to-use remote allows you to set a recurring cleaning schedule and control your robot from the comfort of your couch.
The long-lasting lithium-ion battery provides the runtime your robot needs to complete its cleaning job.

1 Shark ION Robot
2 side brushes
1 filter
1 lithium-ion battery
1 charging dock
1 8-foot strip
1 scheduling remote
2 extra side brushes
1 extra filter

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