Vanguard Rubber Belt Shirt Tailor

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Vanguard Sku: 2650480

The TUCK*IN Tailor rubber belt.

For a long lasting, professional, tucked-in appearance.  

This totally unique belt provides that expensive custom-tailored look every person wants for his clothes.   Keeps your shirt tucked comfortably inside where it belongs while your slacks stay up exactly where you want them with no waistband rollover.

Directions: Wear over shirt, under slacks with smooth side against shirt.  Stretching an inch or so, button through a hole in middle row.  Length is 44" and stretches to 46". Cut to desired length leaving a 4" overlap.

Worn by the United States Air Force (USAF) and Civil Air Patrol (CAP).

This product will have a processing time of up to 14 day(s) before it ships.

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