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NewAir Portable Countertop Ice Maker - 33 lbs. with 2 Ice Sizes

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Model: NIM033WH00
UPC Code: 853138006785

The NewAir Countertop Ice Maker combines modern good looks with serious ice making power. This countertop ice maker looks great in your kitchen, but it's portable enough to take out in your RV, camper or boat. Small but mighty, the NewAir Countertop Ice Maker produces 33 pounds of bullet ice each day, so you'll never run out. 

Key Features:
Stylish, compact design produces 33 pounds of ice each day.
Perfect for entertaining, backyard barbecues, boating, RVs and more.
Fast freezing produces a new batch of ice every 8 minutes.
Choose large or small bullet-shaped ice cubes.
Intuitive 2-button operation makes start-up a snap.
BPA-free parts make ice that's safe for consumption.

Product Details:
Compact Design, Outsized Production
The NewAir Countertop Ice Maker takes up only about one square foot of counter space, but don't let its size fool you. This compact ice maker makes 33 pounds of ice each day — and looks great doing it. That’s almost the same as purchasing three 10 lb bags of ice from the store in a single day. That’s equivalent to buying 7 bags of store-bought ice. 

Fast Freezing Means More Ice
Need ice quick? The NewAir Countertop Ice Maker makes a new batch of ice every eight minutes. Use the included scoop and removable ice tray to empty it regularly, and you'll have enough ice for any occasion. 

Two Sizes of Ice
Choose from large or small bullet ice at the touch of a button. Small ice is perfect for drinks, while large ice easily fills coolers for outdoor activities. When you're done, the ice maker is easy to drain, clean and carry along on any adventure.  

Intuitive Controls for Instant Gratification
There's no learning curve here! Simple, two-button operation makes set-up easy. Clear indicator lights let you know when ice is ready and when you need to add water — no guesswork required.  

BPA-Free Parts
Safe drinking water is important to everyone — and that includes the ice you add to your glass. The NewAir Countertop Ice Maker is made entirely of BPA-free plastic, so no harmful chemicals will ever leach into your ice.

Additional Details:
Transparent Ice for Home Chefs and Mixologists
If you've tried every trick to make clear ice cubes to no avail, it's time you knew the secret: The right ice maker for clear ice doesn't depend on the type of water you use. It's all about keeping air out of the process, and NewAir's advanced design makes sure you get the clearest, longest-lasting ice possible by passing water over chilled rods to keep air out. The resulting crystal-clear ice cubes will enhance any drink -and they're especially welcome by Scotch enthusiasts and home bartenders.

High Capacity, Small Footprint
You don't need enormous commercial kitchen appliances to get the results you need in your home. The NewAir portable ice maker packs professional-grade clear ice technology into a user-friendly package that easily fits on your kitchen countertop -even under wall cabinets. This compact ice maker works fast to make ice in as little as 15 minutes once it's warmed up.

Easy, Efficient Design
No need to worry about hiring a plumber to install this clear ice maker: Just plug it in, fill the reservoir and enjoy perfect ice in almost no time. The uncluttered, one-button design takes no time at all to master. The NewAir 40-Pound Clear Ice Maker is also designed with the environment in mind. Costing $0.02 per hour to use, you can rest easy knowing your electric bills won't rise once you plug it in.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I store ice in this ice maker?
You can store ice temporarily as you make it. The storage compartment of this ice maker is not chilled, but it is well insulated to keep ice from melting for a time. For long-term storage, it's best to transfer to a freezer.

Don't all ice makers produce clear ice if you use distilled water?
Although bottled, filtered or distilled water may help create clear ice for regular ice makers, it often does not create completely clear ice. This residential ice maker produces perfectly crystal-clear ice thanks to its internal design, which forces water to cascade over chilled metal to remove air bubbles. No distilled water necessary.

Does this ice maker need to be connected to a water source?
No. All you need to do is fill the reservoir with water from the tap when you want to make ice.

Can this unit be left on all the time?
Yes! Because it costs $0.02 per hour to operate, you can have fresh ice whenever you like.

Is this countertop ice maker easy to clean?
Yes! Just unplug the machine and wipe the interior with a soft cloth. The ice basket is easy to remove to wash with warm, soapy water as well. You may also occasionally clean the evaporator rods with a 1:1 water and vinegar solution.

California Residents:
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including styrene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information see below.

What is this warning about?
This warning is the result of a unique law passed in California in 1986 called “Proposition 65.” Proposition 65 requires a warning to be included with any product sold in California that may contain any of the 900-plus chemicals that State of California regulators (as opposed to federal and other state regulators) consider harmful. As explained below, failure to provide a warning can result in significant costs and penalties in California.
Are products with this label safe to use?
Yes, Newair products are safe to use as instructed. Our products meet federal and state laws (including California’s) for safety and restricted substances. A Proposition 65 warning is a notification that a product may include a substance on California’s Proposition 65 list. The list is broad, subject to change, and contains substances that are found in products, sold and purchased in California, that are used or consumed in everyday living. For example, warnings have been required for coffee, vinegar, and fish, in addition to many other commonly-used products.
I purchased this product outside of California. Why are you showing this message to me?
Newair products are sold throughout the U.S. to retailers with national distribution. Each distribution warehouse can and does serve multiple states, including California. To avoid the potential Proposition 65 costs and penalties if a product without a warning is brought into California, we decided to include these warnings, regardless of origin of purchase.
If this product is safe, why does Newair include this warning?
For purposes of Proposition 65, the fact that the product meets federal and state safety standards is irrelevant. If there is even a trace amount of a Proposition 65 chemical in the product, it is up to the manufacturer to prove that the amount falls below California’s minimum exposure level. What constitutes “exposure” is poorly defined and the decision is often left to the courts. For a manufacturer, the legal fees to contest a Proposition 65 case are significant. Because providing a warning removes all of these potential costs and litigation risks, Newair and many other manufacturers have opted to provide the Proposition 65 warning.
Doesn't the state of California require evidence of harm to humans prior to posting chemicals on the Proposition 65 list?
No. In fact, California regulators require no evidence of harm or even likelihood of harm to humans prior to placing a chemical on the Proposition 65 list. Instead, evidence from animal testing has been deemed sufficient, even when those tests on animals are conducted with outlandish dosages.
Can a chemical be on the Proposition 65 even if it is considered to be safe by the FDA and EPA?
Yes. There are a variety of examples of products that have been deemed safe by the FDA and/or EPA that are on the California Proposition 65 list. The FDA & EPA have done studies with humans and deemed products safe, but based on the animal testing and extremely high doses, those same products are still listed on California’s Proposition 65 list.

This product will have a processing time of 1-2 day(s) before it ships.

This product does not ship to a PO Box, APO, or FPO.

This product does not ship to: Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii

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