Philosophy Nature In A Jar Gentle Warming Exfoliator - 4 oz.

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gentle, self-warming jojoba face scrub with revitalizing complex helps minimize the look of pores and reveals smoother, more radiant skin.

this self-warming face scrub helps minimize the look of pores and gently exfoliates the skin. skin looks naturally radiant and feels revitalized. jojoba oil and apricot oil nourish the skin while fine grain desert earth provides gentle exfoliation.

Product Details:
instantly: skin feels smooth and looks more radiant*
in 2 weeks: skin looks and feels energized with less visible pores*
formulated with a natural origin ingredient index of 79.3% and without parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and 30+ more not tested on animals, vegan, gluten free. eco-responsible packaging made up of 52.4% post consumer recycled material (not including the cap).

jojoba oil - jojoba oil comes from a perennial woody shrub native to the semi-arid regions of Arizona. it can develop in very arid conditions. of 350,000 identified plant species, jojoba is the only one with liquid wax esters identical to human sebum, therefore it has an excellent affinity for the skin. it is used in hair and scalp products.
fine grain desert earth - a fine grain desert earth from the Indian desert of Rajasthan, also called the Thar desert, is a natural origin exfoliate to help smooth skin.
jojoba beads - naturally derived desert-colored spherical beads adds to the exfoliating action.
zeolite - a mineral that when activated by water helps produce a gentle warming sensation on the skin.

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