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TAMPON TRIBE Menstrual Cups - Size Large

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Vegan, totally silicone free and made with the most comfortable, highest-quality medical-grade safe material available, Tampon Tribe’s Menstrual Cup has been designed to be the most effective available.
Endorsed by MDs and leading researchers, this cup will have you wondering why you didn’t make the switch earlier!

Tampon Tribe silicone-free menstrual cups are made with medical-grade TPE to ensure a perfect fit and all-day leak-free protection. TPE warms in the body, creating the perfect seal to give you confidence to be you. Designed by active women, for active women.

Which Size Should I Use?
For those younger than 25 who have not given birth vaginally.

For everyone over 25, or anyone who has given birth vaginally.

Why TPE and Not Silicone?

The cups are designed with TPE especially for comfort and safety - TPE has the unique ability to warm with body temperature and create a more custom fit by molding to your shape.

As a menstrual cup, TPE is firm enough to create a seal inside you, yet it works with your body so you don't notice it's there.  Active people can really tell the difference between comfy TPE and rigid silicone - especially when doing sports, yoga etc.

Also added a patented-leak free technology to ensure no loss of seal or sudden vacuum! (Avoiding disaster!!)

Also, TPE is recyclable while silicone is not - so when it's time for a new cup, you're saving the Earth!

How Does It Work?
The Menstrual Cup can stay in place for up to 12 hours, depending on your flow. It has rounded edges for comfort and a patented leak prevention design to ensure it stays in place and is easy to remove - without spills! You simply remove, empty, rinse and reuse.

Product Details:
Silicone Free.
Latex Free.
BPA Free.
Phthalates Free.
Socially conscious.
Convenient and effective.
Super comfortable.
Up to 12 hours of protection.
Reusable and recyclable.
Rounded edges for ease-of-use.
Patented leak reduction.
Easy grip handle.

Capacity: 25ml  
Diameter: 43mm  Total Length: 67mm

Capacity: 30ml  Diameter: 46mm  Total Length: 66mm

Tips and Troubleshooting:

Based on the experience, issues related to an improper opening of the menstrual cup once inserted, are mostly caused either by an incorrect placement of the cup inside the vagina or by the use of the wrong size.

Concerning the placement, the menstrual cup should be placed a bit lower than a tampon (it’s normal that first-time users have some issues at this point!). Once inserted, we have a few tips that could help with the sealing process:

  • Find the right fold that suits you (there are different folds to try!).   
  • When inserted, try to find the stem of the menstrual cup and push it up a bit. You can also try to slightly pull the cup down then push it back into place.
  • Clench your pelvic floor muscles.
  • Gently squeeze the bottom of your cup.
  • Carefully rotate the menstrual cup 360⁰.

In order to be sure that the cup has completely opened, we recommend to gently run one finger around the base of the cup to check if you can feel any noticeable folds (if yes, the cup is not properly opened!). Some people may feel some resistance or a feeling of suction pressure when the cup opens (even a “pop” can be heard in some occasions), but it really depends on the user.

Customers that are already experienced with the use of the cup and that struggle with the opening process may be using the wrong size, so it’s really important to verify if you are using the proper one.

Please, note that the size guide is a general recommendation applicable to a high % of consumers and every body is different, so it may be a few cases of you needing a different size than the one stated on the instructions due to bodies' individual characteristics!

Please note packaging may vary.

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