Party Patch Hangover Patch

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Party Patch dramatically reduces the physical side effects of drinking and helps you feel awesome the next morning!
Party Patch contains specially-formulated ingredients to effectively replenish the essential vitamins lost when you consume alcohol.
B1, also known as Thiamine, is a vital nutrient in the breakdown of alcohol in the body.
Because Thiamine is not produced in the body and depleted so rapidly when drinking alcohol, replenishing B1 in your system is critical to feeling your best.

How it works:
Moments after a patch is applied, the vitamins and supplements are directly delivered into the bloodstream through topical delivery.
Delivering vitamins and nutrients through the skin allows for maximum absorption increasing the health benefits.

Product Details:
Prevents hangovers: dramatically reduce the physical side effects of alcohol for a better morning after.
Pre-game with Party Patch! Formulated with a combination of easily absorbed B Vitamins & Taurine which may help support metabolic & immune function, preventing a hangover, naturally.
Leave in place for at least 8 hours to help prevent your hangover before it starts.
Manufactured at FDA-registered facilities, our topical patch delivers high-quality supplements to help replenish essential vitamins & nutrients lost through alcohol consumption.

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