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Guardians Of The Gulf (1819-2019)

Guardians Of The Gulf follows the US Coast Guard in the City of Mobile, Alabama, through its 200-year history.

The first federal unit sent to Alabama following the state's admission to the Union in 1819 was the 52-foot topsail schooner, United States Revenue Cutter ALABAMA with its eight crewmembers.  For decades, this small sailing vessel and its replacmeents were the federal government's only represenatives in this area.  These cutters engaged in law enforcement (capturing pirates and slave traders), revenue collection (insuring collection of customs taxes), nation's health (prevention yellow fever entry), and seeing to safety of mariners at sea.

As the Port of Mobile grew so did the Coast Guard's presence.  Mobile and Baldwin Counties are now home to over 600,000 citizens with its port now of of the ten busiest in the country.  More than 1,000 active-duty men and women along with 500 retired Coast Guard families live and work in the area.

The history leading to the three current major Coast Guard commands in Mobile (Sector Mobile, Aviation Training Center Mobile and Gulf Strike Team) are reviewed.  Guardians Of The Gulf traces major events occuring at these commands through first person accounts and many citations.  This 330-page book contain over 100 photographs along with descriptions of every operational cutter, tender, and aircraft ever assinged.  For every Coastguardman, family member, those who lives were touched by the US Coast Guard in the southern Alabama and Gulf Coast region, and devotees to Alabama history, Guardians Of The Gulf is a must in your library.

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