Goody Womens Detangle It Vent Brush

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UPC: 041457095676

Stock your vanity with this Goody Detangle It Brush and kiss those tangles goodbye. This product's versatile shape makes every day detangling a breeze. The flexible nylon bristles are gentle on your scalp, and with regular brushing, this product conditions and cleans your hair. The bristles are evenly spaced for air flow while the vented barrel permits additional circulation. All of this extra air flow allows hair to dry quickly, saving you time. This Goody hair brush is recommended for all hair types. Use this tool for gentle unsnarling. Run the brush through hair smoothly and slowly, taking the time to work out any small knots along the way. This vented hair brush is a reliable hair tool that permits you to create a quick, polished finish to hair that is blown dry. Goody Detangle It Vent Hair Brush: 

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