DUKE CANNON Holiday Classics Vol II Jingle Booze Bath Set

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UPC: 850003539829

Win more people this winter with Duke Cannon's boozy gift kit modeled after candy-infused gift books of Christmas past!
This is a substantial offering at an approachable price point for customers in search of a quality gift for their guy.
This instant family heirloom contains 3 10 oz. booze-inspired premium soaps that, in fact, smell nothing like booze.
Duke Cannon's Beer and Bourbon Soaps offer classically masculine, woodsy scents that men and women appreciate.

Product Details:
Big Ass Beer Soap - Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA (Woodsy Citrus Scent)
Big American Bourbon Soap - Made With Buffalo Trace (Oak Barrel Scent)
Busch Beer Soap (Warm Sandalwood Scent)
Made in USA

Please note packaging may vary.

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