Franklin Sports Bucket Toss

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Meet the new action-packed game from Franklin Sports Bucketz! The game is very simple: split into two teams, fill all the buckets about half way with water, and take turns trying to toss the tennis balls into your opponents' buckets to knock them out of play. First to clear all the opponents' buckets wins! The large-sized pong Buckets give a twist to the regular pong games and ensure super-sized fun. The set comes with (6) blue Buckets and (6) yellow Buckets, (3) tennis balls, and it all can easily be packed up into the included carry bag for on-the-go fun. Include the Franklin Sports Buckets game when you head to your next party, picnic, BBQ, tailgate or beach outing today!

Product Details:
BUCKETZ is the new pong game from Franklin Sports that is action-packed and brings fast-paced fun to the beach, your next party, picnic or backyard BBQ.
HOW DO YOU PLAY? The object is to form 2 teams of players where you launch a ball into their opponents' Bucketz in an attempt to clear their area of Bucketz first.
LARGE SIZED BUCKETZ give a twist to regular pong games and ensure super-sized fun!
INCLUDES: (6) blue Bucketz, (6) yellow Bucketz, (3) tennis balls, and a convenient carry bag to transport and store your Bucketz game in when not in use.
PORTABLE! Bucketz is easy to pack, store and transport

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