Coast Guard Challenge Coin - Coast Guard Officer In Charge Afloat

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Mastering the technical and tactical duties of shipboard command, those designated as Officer-in-Charge Afloat in the U.S. Coast Guard are recognized as skilled and accomplished leaders.

Demonstrating outstanding performance across the full range of Coast Guard operations, they possess a proven expertise in every aspect of seamanship. Officers-in-Charge Afloat typically serve on large cutters, providing general supervision for all personnel on board. Respected and admired as leaders by all those in their command, they are a vital asset to the U.S. Coast Guard.

This coin salutes the role of Officers-in-Charge Afloat in strengthening the Coast Guard's ability to complete its mission. Featured on the obverse is a detailed rendering of the insignia worn by Coast Guard Officers-in-Charge Afloat. Depicted on the reverse is the tri-color racing stripe found on all Coast Guard aircraft and vessels. Embedded in the design is the official Coast Guard emblem, featuring a disk inscribed with the service's founding date and the shield of the Coat of Arms of the United States, superimposed against a pair of crossed anchors. 

Struck in a nickel alloy and gently brushed with an antique finish, this coin is accented with crisp enamel highlights. Each coin comes packaged with a descriptive header card that underscores the unique contributions of Coast Guard Officers-in-Charge Afloat.

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