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Vineyard Vines Mens On-The-Go Pants

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Style: 1P000005

Shep and Ian were sitting around one day and Ian was wearing performance pants. Shep started chirping Ian, telling him that he looked like he was about to slide out of his chair and he could hear him swishing around from a mile away. Ian shot back, barking at Shep that he was wearing the same khaki pants he wore to his eighth grade graduation. They decided to solve the problem—make a pair of pants that looked and felt like old favorites, but were packed with performance. The On-The-Go Pants were born.

Product Details:
Soft cotton-like hand feel, but undeniably technical
Stretch pocket bags
Stretchy, functional "moves with you" fabric
Hidden zipper and media pocket gives you extra security when you're on the move
Water resistant so a spilled beer or coffee won't ruin your day
Stretch interior waistband means that if you have one burger or beer too many, your pants wont make you pay for it
Flexible waistband
Fits straight through the thigh and slightly tapers to the ankle
Rubber coated faux horn buttons and zipper closure

55% cotton 32% nylon 13% spandex

Care Instructions:
Machine wash

Size Chart:

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