Nite Ize 9 In 1 Black Financial Tool Multi Tool Card

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Slip the Financial Tool Multi Tool Card into a credit card holder in your wallet to keep nine popular tools within reach no matter where you are. This tool is the size of a credit card at 2”x3”x.04” and weighs only .6 ounces. Made of 420 heat-treated stainless steel, it features nine different durable tools. The Phillips screwdriver also functions at a tape cutter, which is very handy for opening packages. In addition, you have a flathead screwdriver, scraper, protractor and a drafting compass. Rounding out all the tools packed into this card are both metric and standard rulers, five standard wrenches and a bottle opener. You can’t go wrong with this 9-in-1 multi tool in your pocket, always ready to help you out in a pinch. You will likely find this is the handiest pocket tool you could ever carry. It can be used to tighten a bolt, secure a screw or scrape an icy window. It can be a great office tool, letting you open boxes with ease or create a technical drawing. You can use it when cutting wood to mark and measure cut marks. It is even great to have around when you are off the clock and kicking your feet up with an ice cold beverage. Just flip it out and pop the cap off your bottle. It will become the go-to item in your wallet. You’ll soon feel lost without it, simply tuck it into a credit card slot so it is always nearby.

  • COMPACT SIZE – This multi-tool is designed to fit right into your wallet in an empty credit card slot so it is available whenever you may need it.
  • MULTI TOOL – With nine different tools packed into this card, you can have some of the most used tools right in your pocket at all times.
  • DURABLE – Made from heat-treated stainless steel, this card won’t bend or break as you use it daily
  • AIRPORT FRIENDLY – No worries about getting stopped or having it taken away because this card checks right through security.
  • EASY TO USE – Each tool is positioned on the card so it is easy to use at a moment’s notice.

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