Coast Guard Challenge Coin - Rescue Swimmer

Coast Guard Challenge Coin - Rescue Swimmer

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Undertaking daring missions to save those in distress, Rescue Swimmers are vital to the Coast Guard Mission.

Plunging into raging seas and dangling from helicopters to complete their assigned missions, these intrepid individuals go to extremes to save lives. Selected from among the Coast Guard's best, they are recognized as elite warriors by their fellow military personnel serving in every branch. To join the ranks of the Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers, candidates must endure physical and mental challenges that rival those met by any aspiring Navy SEAL, Army Ranger, or Air Force pararescueman. Trained to overcome every conceivable obstacle, Rescue Swimmers face dangers that most cannot imagine.

This coin honors the outstanding achievements of all Rescue Swimmers and pays tribute to their unique contribution to the success of the Coast Guard mission.

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