Captain Jeff Eldridge

 Captain Jeff Eldridge

Commanding Officer
Coast Guard Community Services Command



CSC is comprised of over 750 active duty, reserves, and civilian professionals with diverse technical areas of expertise charged with serving the Total Coast Guard Family.  With over a century of service to the Coast Guard, my immediate family and I truly understand the FAMILY within the Coast Guard. The words below have been guiding principles for me throughout my career and provide a summary of my expectations for carrying out our duties and responsibilities in support of the Coast Guard workforce.  In order to best serve the Coast Guard Family, the following pricniples are ones I strive to engage in and expect that you do the same to help you navigate a course to "do the right thing" by our people, our operational and support partners, and the public we serve.


FAIRNESS:  Our Coast Guard Core Values demand we treat each other equally and with the utmost respect. We are a diverse workforce, we will flourish when we respect each other and each and every one of us contributes to the mission of our organization.  We must develop and maintain a culture of trust up and down, and across the organization – this trust will be earned through communication, reliability, accountability, transparency, genuine compassion, and honesty.  Maintaining and contributing to a professional work environment is essential to a positive workplace climate.


ADAPTABILITY:  We are operating in an extraordinarily dynamic time and the best way to maintain momentum is to be creative and innovative.  Following the execution of a creative or innovative solution, constructively review the results and document opportunities for continuous improvement in the future.  I don’t expect every new initiative to be a complete success, with creativity and innovation comes risk and failure. I support you leaning forward and accept falling short as the cost of the loss will certainly glean knowledge that we can use for future endeavors. 


MASTER your craft:  This never ends as the world continues to evolve through technological advancements or changes in federal policies.  I encourage all to invest in yourselves to become an expert in your job or field and then work to stay current within the latest trends to operate at the forward edge in executing your assignments. 


INTEGRITY: Most simply stated in the definition of our Core Values, "Integrity is our standard. We demonstrate uncompromising ethical conduct and moral behavior in all of our personal and organizational actions. We are loyal and accountable to the public trust."


LEAD:  Specifically, be a servant leader by putting the needs of your people at the top of your to-do list and enable them to thrive personally and professionally.  The investment and mentoring provided will return dividends to the entire organization for years to come and create the workplace atmosphere where people want to come to work and excel while at here.  In addition, being a servant leader will enhance teamwork – no one person or department can go at it alone, it is the team that makes us successful today and in the future.


Yes:  Keep a “Yes- Attitude”.  Attitude is everything, in the face of adversity or a challenging situation, the attitude in which you approach the respective obstacle will greatly influence the outcome, the more positive the attitude, the more likely a positive outcome as we provide Premiere Customer Services.