USCG Electrician's Mate

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Charged with the installation, maintenance, and repair of complex electronic equipment, Electrician's Mates are the U.S. Coast Guard's electrical systems specialists.

Acting in management, supervisory, and support capacities, Electrician's Mates are assigned primarily to the Coast Guard's fleet of cutters stationed throughout the world. Their responsibilities aboard these ships include monitoring electrical power generation and distribution, operating and maintaining Programmable Logic equipment and other process control technology, and maintaining interior communications and navigation equipment.

This coin salutes the skill and service of Electrician's Mates, whose dedication to duty helps the U.S. Coast Guard complete its mission. Featured on the obverse is a detailed rendering of the rating badge worn by these individuals. In honor of the Coast Guard's heritage as America's oldest continuous maritime force, the reverse depicts a team of intrepid Coast Guard sailors braving rough surf as they approach a lighthouse and features a space for engraving.

Struck in a nickel alloy and gently brushed with an antique finish, this coin is accented with crisp enamel highlights. Each coin comes packaged with a descriptive header card that underscores the unique contributions of Coast Guard Electrician's Mates.

Size: 1 3/4 inch (44mm) Round

Material: Nickel Antique with Enamel